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It has been a pleasure working with Laura Mason Zeisler in many capacities over the last 10 years. She is a dedicated early childhood professional, advocate and trainer. She has a multitude of resources and her background working as a teacher and as an education coordinator, over the years, adds to her depth of knowledge about the practical application of the topics she addresses in her trainings. Most recently Laura has done a training and support series for some of the teacher's assistants at Beautiful Beginnings that are working on the Child Development Associate. I sought her out for this because of her ability to speak fluently in English and Spanish and access materials in both languages to help some of my dedicated, highly competent teachers that have English as a second language continue their professional growth. In short, Laura is a dynamic professional that is an asset to the field of early childhood education!

Khadija Lewis Khan, M.Ed Executive Director Beautiful Beginnings Child Care Center
700 Elmwood Ave. Providence, RI 02907


As a director of an urban early learning center. I feel that professional development for educators is highly important. Laura Mason Zeisler has been a valuable resource in this important area especially in the field of diversity. She has provided training for my staff that has made a positive impact on their teaching practices. Laura is extremely knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to improving early education practices. Her knowledge and willingness to share resources whenever needed is a valued asset to our program. My staff felt her trainings were so valuable and effective that they have requested additional trainings with her. Laura clearly has a lot of enthusiasm while providing training either on a one-to-one basis or in a larger group. Her trainings are engaging, interesting and hands-on. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone who needs assistance in the area of early learning.

Debbie Durant, Director
Smith Hill Early Childhood Learning Center
Providence, RI


I have known Laura Mason Zeisler since 1996. I met Laura at a conference at Rhode Island College. She approached me, talking in Spanish. Immediately, I invited her to start teaching classes, in Spanish, for home childcare providers. Laura accepted my invitation. At that point in time she was not confident of her Spanish language skills. I offered to be with her always, and I told her that I would help her if she had any problems communicating her ideas when she would teach a class.

At that time I was a home childcare provider, running a before and after-school program. I spoke English by then, but most of my colleagues were attending trainings in English. They were only understanding, probably, less than 25% of what the presenter was saying. I always took the initiative to translate for them.

After Laura started teaching the classes, in Spanish, Hispanic home childcare providers, for the first time in Rhode Island, started to have a clear understanding of the message and the skills that a presenter was trying to bring to them. No one was offering trainings in Spanish before then.

Thanks to Laura, many home childcare providers are now prepared to work with the children, under their care, with a clear vision of professionalism, knowledge, and commitment.

I have been able to witness the improvement of Laura Mason Zeislerís teaching skills in the Spanish language. Today I get surprised to see how, sometimes, Laura uses better words than many Spanish-speaking people that I know.

Lourdes V. Pichardo
Lourdes Educational Consultant
Warwick, RI